AmeriCorps Youth Environmental Stewardship Program

The AmeriCorps Youth Environmental Stewardship (YES) Program is a national service program funded by AmeriCorps. Members accepted into the program will receive $9000 for 10 months of service and an education award of approximately $3500. 

What is AmerICorps?

What will You do as a Member?

Members will serve 900 hours over a 10 month period. That works about to be about 20 hours per week from October 2 to August 2. You will be serving outdoors to restore forest habitat and leading community events to teach people about ways they can better care for the environment. Here's a video from an AmeriCorps member doing similar work

Check out Utah Conservation Corps and Montana Conservation Corps on Tik Tok to see more about the service you'll be doing. Conservation Corps members live at the site they work at, this program does not have that as part of the program. Housing is not provided. 

For more information check out the member position description.

Why Should you Join?

Besides the monthly stipend of $900 and the education award at the end of your 10 months of service you will get to be part of protecting the environment, improving your community, making life long friends, and improving your career prospects. You will get training in plant identification, chainsaw use and safety, water conservation and protection, soil health and conservation, habitat restoration for wildlife, resume writing, how to get and keep a job worth having, and much more. Information about jobs that are available in environmental stewardship and access to people working in those jobs will be provided throughout the program. 

Who should join?

Join us if you enjoy spending time outdoors no matter the weather, believe hard work is important, care about the environment and want to see your community do more, believe that you can make a difference in the world, and want to be part of a group of people who will support you in reaching your goals.