Magical Woodland and Outdoor Classroom

Current Sponsors

Corteva Agriscience

Kings' Daughters and Sons Circle Number 2

Community Foundation of Washington County

Currently under construction

Looking for ongoing sponsorships for maintenance and improvement


The Magical Woodland and Outdoor Classroom is located on the north side of the children's garden and is part of our literacy gardens. There is a castle, which is planned to be built in February 2023, an outdoor stage with seating for up to 30 which is currently under construction, and willow tunnels and vine huts which have been planted and will continue to grow and take shape throughout the spring and summer of 2023. The space is designed for imaginative and dramatic play which is vital for a healthy childhood. The stage in the Outdoor Classroom has a chalkboard backdrop so that lessons and theatrical productions alike can take shape and be exciting and immersive. If you are interested in helping this fun filled space grow contact us at or 662-430-2156.