Support a Garden

Donations of $250 or more annually can be given to a specific area of the Heart and Soul Children’s Garden. The children’s garden is a space dedicated to children with the goal of creating a fun, healthy, empowering childhood that gives children the tools they need for success and happiness in every phase of their lives. Learning and playing outdoors is vital to physical and mental health with recent research showing increased academic gains when educational activities take place outdoors. The Heart and Soul Children’s Garden is a rare space in the Mississippi Delta dedicated to high-quality hands-on outdoor education. We are also providing family-friendly recreation in the heart of the Delta and promoting clean neighborhoods and healthy ecosystems. We invite you or your organization to help us support children and their families in the Mississippi Delta. 

Garden supporters get to choose the garden they would like to support. The donation can be combined with other supporters and is used to support all aspects of maintaining the garden. 50% of the donation goes to garden maintenance including yearly planting of necessary plants and replacement of toys and structures as they become worn from use. 10% of the donation is saved for future expansion and remodeling of the garden. 35% of the donation is used for programming in the garden and 5% is used for administrative support. Gardens can have more than one supporter and each will be recognized on a sign at the location of the garden, inside the visitors center, on promotional materials, and on our website. In addition, supporters are invited to our annual celebration to thank you for your generosity and inform you of future plans for the garden spaces.

Garden sponsorships will be updated annually and we hope you will choose to make your donation recurring to ensure the longevity and continual improvement of the Heart and Soul Children’s Garden. 

To learn more about our garden spaces click on each of the links below. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube @msdeltanature for up-to-date information on garden spaces. 

We look forward to working with you to grow and strengthen the beautiful land and people of the Mississippi Delta. 

Contact us at, call 662-430-2156 or 662-822-5744 during regular business hours to discuss sponsoring a garden.