The Mississippi Delta Nature and Learning Center is a place that cares for the earth and the people who live here. Located on 30 acres in the heart of Greenville, MS at 1950 Lisa Drive. We are the perfect mix of urban and rural. Founded in 2020 we are a grassroots organization that was started by two school teachers who had a dream of increasing access to opportunities for children living in the Mississippi Delta. Now that we are open, we are doing that through hands on educational experiences that encourage creativity and critical thinking, job training for youth and adults, and community regenerative agriculture focused on growing food that grows naturally in our region. 

We believe access to nature and knowledge is for everyone and are working to ensure our spaces and programs are safe and inclusive. Please contact us if you see an area we can improve. 

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Board Members 

Board President: Tamela Gines 

Life long resident of the area she is a retired educator and principal in Greenville. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and a gardener. Her extensive experience in education, her passion for the community especially the children, and love of gardening has shown her in her leadership as the board president. 

Board Secretary: Srinivas Pinnamaneni 

His experience as a plant and soil scientist at United States Department of Agriculture has provided Sri with technical knowledge of gardening that he uses to aid in the development of the center. 

Board Treasurer: Jessi Riel 

Former teacher in Lake Village, AR she is now a PhD student in Educational Psychology. She has gardened since being a kid and currently works at a community garden. She is taking her love of kids and a desire to promote and create spaces that support the whole child to enhance her role as a board member. 

Horticultural Advisor: Andrew Bell 

From the Greenville area and a long-time landscaper working in Mississippi he currently runs a horticultural business. His experience working on garden landscapes has been invaluable as we develop the center. 

Legal Advisor: Arlene Montgomery 

Former teacher in Greenville she is now a practicing lawyer. Her expertise has ensured organizational actions are in compliance with legal requirements.