Native Cottage Garden and Hugelkulturs 

Current Sponsors 

Community Foundation of Washington County

CB&S Bank


United Way

Currently under construction 

Looking for ongoing sponsorships for maintenance and improvement


The Native Cottage Garden is a mix of native and non native plants that are edible and useful. The space is part of our literacy gardens and is designed for education around plants and their uses as well being a setting for reading books about native wildlife and stories that take place in a garden to help transport the readers to new places and new ideas. Part of the garden will highlight hugelkultur beds. Hugelkulturs are raised beds made from logs and branches mounded then covered with soil. Because they are raised and have a core of wood they are a good option for our wet springs allowing for access to planting even if the ground is saturated the hugelkultur bed will be ready for planting. Another benefit is having a built in fertilizer system. As the wood decomposes it provides nutrients and healthy soil for plants to grow in. The wood also acts as a sponge holding water so less irrigation is needed. 

The garden has 3 play huts for fun, imaginative play and comfortable seating for enjoying the garden while young ones play. Tree swings and play sling shots with targets engage children of all ages and interests.  

Programming will include classes about native plants and their uses, herbal remedies, aroma therapy, yoga and meditation, and gardening for food and wildlife. 

Map of the Native Cottage Garden and Sand Play with Spider Climbers