Commemorative Trees 

The Tree of Life program at The Mississippi Delta Nature and Learning Center (MDNLC) is a meaningful way to honor a special person or significant event. This program plants a native shade tree to commemorate a loved one. As the trees grow visitors will be able to enjoy the shade and wildlife brought to the Heart and Soul Children’s Garden thanks to the donation of the tree. In addition Tree of Life requests help support MDNLC’s mission of caring for the earth and the people who live here.

Trees may be planted at the request of donors making a tribute gift of $1000 to MDNLC. Requests for tree planting must be made at the time the tribute gift is received by MDNLC. Tree location and tree species must be mutually agreed upon by the donor and MDNLC. Tree will be personalized with a message of the donor’s choosing. When the trees are young a plaque to the side of the tree will be installed. As the tree grows a plaque on the tree will be considered and agreed upon by the donor and MDNLC. 

The tribute gift is 100% tax deductible and the transaction does not constitute the “purchase” of a tree by the donor. Trees may be requested throughout the year and are usually installed in the spring and fall. Written confirmation will follow after tree installation is completed.

Commemorative trees will be maintained by MDNLC for the life of the tree at no cost to the donor. If the tree should fail between planting and the end of year 5 MDNLC will replace the tree at no cost to the donor. After year 5 it will be at MDNLC’s discretion. This should not be interpreted as a warranty.

The Mississippi Delta Nature and Learning Center may be designated to receive donations in lieu of flowers as part of a memorial service. All donors will receive a letter from MDNLC acknowledging their gift. A list of donors will be mailed to the family, notifying them of contributions made in memory of their loved one. Memorial donations may be applied toward a commemorative bench, memorial paver or MDNLC’s Tree of Life

Program. Memorial donations should be sent to:

The Mississippi Delta Nature and Learning Center 

1950 Lisa Drive

Greenville, MS 38703

Contact us to participate in the Tree of Life Program by emailing or calling 662-430-2156 during regular business hours. 

Black Cherry 

Various Oaks

REd Maple 

River Birch

Honey Locust

Southern Magnolia

Tree choice is not limited to these options. The tree chosen must be native to the southeast and have ecological value.